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EduCare Foundation’s ACE (Achievement and Commitment to Excellence) Program is a comprehensive student success and character building program designed to empower high school students to achieve excellence in personal, social and academic pursuits through Heartset® Education principles. It utilizes EduCare’s years of experience and expertise in Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) to provide a foundation for safe and positive learning and growth.
ACE focuses on the following SEL elements: 
  • Character Development: Confidence building, positive decision-making and constructive choices.
  • Personal Management: Personal responsibility & accountability.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Managing anger, fear, rejection & peer pressure.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Communication, conflict resolution, problem solving and team building.
The ACE Program is designed to assist youth in creating more successful and constructive lives. Through their involvement, students:
Experience greater self-worth and self-motivation
Identify and enhance their unique talents
Learn to manage emotional distress and improve attitudes and behaviors
Learn team building and conflict resolution skills
Develop greater empathy and understanding for others  
Develop skills for decision making and problem-solving as it relates both to school and personal life
Improve school attendance and leadership skills 
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ACE Initiative Model at the school Site

Ms. Mireles ACE Initiative Site Administrator - Focuses in building school culture, solidifying positive/healthy relationships with all stakeholders by supporting students, teachers/staff, and parents. 



  • Case Management: Support with SEL, One on One weekly check in's
  • Conflict Resolution: Facilitate Harm Circles, Restorative Justice Practices
  • Manage ACE Club: Student leaders to organize with building school culture.
  • Collaborate with leadership students with school events, activities, assemblies, and CATS Olympics.


  • Professional Development: Facilitate and Model Community Building Activities 
  • Classroom support with community building.
  • Support teachers with creating a welcoming environment for students.
  • Support Teachers with student behavior support, social emotional, and goal setting.


  • Support Parent Representative with parent meetings and providing community building to support culture.
  • Calling Parents: Attendance, Conflict Resolution, Student Behavior
  • SSPT Meetings: Member of the SSPT team, join parent meetings and facilitate as needed.
Ms. Escobar ACE Initiative Site Administrator - Focuses on preparing CATS students and parents with College and Career readiness with an emphasis in setting up students for a smooth transition into higher education and success.