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College Planning

Welcome to the college planning page! 

If you are considering applying to a two or four year university, please take a look at the following information to help you get started with the process.
Communication and Technology School does their best to ensure students who graduate have a plan after graduation. We work with students to find their post-secondary goals.  Here are a few tips to ensure students are ready before their Senior year begins,
- Be a part of extracurricular activities! 
Extra curricular activities can demonstrate to college recruiters your interests and commitment. 
- Figure out what universities you want to apply to.
You should consider location, cost, programs and distance when decided where you will be studying for the next 2-4 years post graduation. If you need help determining that, talk to your counselors, teachers and family for input.

- Determine who will write a letter of recommendation for you.
You will need letters of recommendation from 2-3 people for the application process. Be sure to ask someone who knows your work ethic and give your recommender a timely notice. 

- Be patient and start early. 
It's going to take time! So give yourself grace and take well deserved breaks through the process. 

How to Pay for College

There are many ways to pay for college and for some college can be free! We offer support with the financial aid application (FAFSA & CADAA) which require parental financial information to determine aid amount. For more information, please view the links above or talk to your academic counselor. 
We also offer scholarship support! Communication and Technology School has had partnership opportunities which offer scholarships to only CATS students. We encourage students to take advantage of the opportunities! All information regarding college access will be posted on the Class of 2024 CATS Senior Schoology group (Access code: M6VK-JZ7J-R24P2).
 If you need any more information or if you want to begin the college application process, please reach out to Ms. Brigit Escobar in the Counselors office, C100 or email at [email protected]